ASUS O!Play HD Media Player – unboxed & introduced

Hello and Welcome to ASUSTek HQ. My name is Sarah and I’m going to introduce this delightful new product from ASUS called the O!Play HD Media Player.

This sparkling innovation lets you play video files and music files directly on to your TV and home amplified speakers. It can also connect via a network cable to your PC. Let’s take a closer look:

We have it in the box with me; it is a very unassuming box, quite attractive with a picture of the device on the outside. It also has some basic product information which can be seen along the sides. I’m going to open it now.
Inside you can see it has:
1. A Quick start guide in many different languages with a very basic outline of the devices main features as well as the remote control.
2. The power cord and other AV cords which I imagine are used to power on the device and connect to your TV or amplified speakers.
3. We also have the remote control which seems to be fully featured with lots of buttons to choose from.
4. Lastly is the device itself. It has a very small profile, with a simple matt black outer shell and a glossy front face. There is an E-Sata and USB 2.0 Combo port, with an extra USB port beside it, as well as a Reset button between them on the left hand side of the device. The front face has two LED lights, One for Power, and the other for Storage.
5. All in all, a very neat and complete looking device.
6. Let’s see how easy it is to set up.
7. The first step is to connect your TV and your Amplified speakers, you may also connect your network directly if you have a router or hub to the O!Play HD Media Player.
8. Next plug in the power cable, then connect it to the O!Play HD Media Player
9. Using the remote control, turn on the device and from the Home page begin navigating through the setup options. Your manual will cover in more detail the way to setup your various connections.

The O!Play HD Media Player is a leading media player device with some very unique and interesting features. Not only can you play almost any video directly to your TV, but you can see it in amazingly high resolution if your film format supports it.
It is the only player currently that has FULL format support. This includes MPEG 1/2&4, H.264, VC-1, RM/RMVB
This means that file extensions such as mp4, mov, xvid, avi, wmv, mkv, rm, rmvb, flv, tcs, m2ts, mpg and vob are all supported.
Full 1080HD support
Smaller formats fit smaller screens, but for those of you with Big aspirations and even bigger TV screens, then the O!Play Media player can satisfy even the biggest appetite for size. Featuring full 1080 HD giving a full 1920×1080 resolution.
One touch Shuffle button
Sometimes a quiet moment with a book, some peaceful music playing in the background and the TV turned off is exactly what you need. The O!Play’s one button solution is perfect. Turn off the TV, select the Shuffle button on the remote control and take out that book. The music will play on your amplified speakers, and will automatically shuffle between songs that are on the storage device.
Many connection options
The versatility of the device extends from USB flash disk support to more advanced E-SATA Hard drive support. The added dimension of LAN connectivity extends the possibilities of the Media Player dramatically. The network capability allows you to connect any of the PC’s in your network where Files can be played across the network directly onto your TV.
FirstZoom Video Productions and Script writing:©2009.

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