Video and picture buttons for TV lovers

Well Buying Industrial Co. Ltd has designed LED buttons that can display over 1000 pictures, or a short video of about 40 seconds in length which fills the 32GB flash storage. All the accessories needed to add the pictures and video are supplied when you purchase one.

Look out for interactive slot machines playing snap shots of previous winners, or vending machines with active advertisements for each product per button. The visual selection of products, people, items is a great step forward from the dull button of ages past, or the big red one depicting some kind of warning. Now you can have the warning displaying exactly the consequences of pressing. No longer will evil villains want to open Pandora’s Box, because everything will be on visual display. Something else that comes to mind is using such buttons for electronic locks. Match a profile picture with for example a fingerprint scanner, its all a matter of pressing the button until your face comes up and then scanning your finger. If you do it with any one else’s face displaying, then the match is not made and the item will remain closed.
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