Gigabyte P55 Motherboard Technology Innovations

Gigabyte P55 Motherboard Hardware Technologies:

1.2oz Copper PCB in 100% of Gigabyte P55 motherboards (11x P55 SKUs)

2.24 phase power delivering stable power and cooler operations around the CPU

3.Smart dual LAN  auto recovery from damaged LAN chip

4.eSATA USB combo ports  Single cable power over eSATA for external storage devices

5.Multiple Graphics cards  CrossFireX and SLI support

6.Smart TPM- Lock and unlock sensitive data using a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone

6 Smart technologies for easier system management

a.Smart DualBIOS : Password and important date reminder

b.Smart Quick Boost : Worlds easiest overclocking utility for beginners

c.Smart QuickBoot : Boot-up into system in less than 5 seconds

d.Smart Recovery : Like a time machine for recovering files from the past

e.Smart TimeLock : Parents PC time management tool for kids

f.Smart Recorder : PC watch dog for while youre away

7.Dynamic Energy Saver 2  One click system-wide power savings for greener computing

8.XHD  eXtreme Hard Drive performance boost

9.Autogreen  Automatically enter S3/S4 ultra low power state via Bluetooth enabled mobile phone for system-wide energy savings

10.BIOS  Plenty of extreme overclocking options in the BIOS.

11.Cutting edge technologies from the leader in motherboard innovation.

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