Genius CrazyTalk Webcam Software Tutorial

Getting started with Genius CrazyTalk Cam Suite PRO is very easy.
You must have a Genius Webcam.
To use the CrazyTalk Cam Suite PRO in your chat programs such as Skype, Yahoo or Windows Messenger, Please make sure you select the correct webcam driver for your chat program.

Capture Mode
In capture mode you can record video and capture still pictures with your webcam.
(Up to 8MP –Interpolated)
The Gallery displays your portfolio of recorded picture stills, or video clips. (Many formats supported)
Avatar Mode
Select an Avatar to suit your mood or preference. Have lots of fun using animated pandas, dolls, or aliens to startle or entertain your chat friends.
The Emotion icons make the Avatars interactive. Also create emoticons or avatars yourself.
Magic Mirror Mode
Magic Mirror Mode morphs your appearance slightly with morphing effects.
The Effect mode creates animated special Effects which can come into play while chatting. The fun effects and morphs can be downloaded and put into your favorite list to use during your chats.
Media Share Mode
Media Share mode allows you to share photo files during a chat. Select the media files of your choice to share and they will display in place of your webcam view. Share a slide show with your friends easily and conveniently. Supports many video and picture formats.

Desktop Share Mode
The Desktop Share gives you more options for teleconferencing or sharing information on your desktop. Drag the icon box around the region you want to share. That section will display in the webcam view of those you are conferencing with. Similarly you can share a specific window, or the full screen.
Monitor Mode
Set up the webcam to face any direction and thereafter any movement will trigger the webcam to begin recording. This is perfect if you have nosey colleagues, house mates or family members who want to tamper with your files. Catch them in the act!

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